Canada Study Permits: Student Visas to Canada in 2021

Update on Canadian Study Permits and Coronavirus:

Canada has established a new option for international students to become Permanent Residents in the country.

Canada is still accepting applications for study permits, but expect delays.

You are free from the travel limitations if you are an international student with a valid study permit or were authorised for a study permit on or before March 18, 2020.

International students who choose to stay in Canada can seek to have their study permit renewed, and they can continue to study and work while their application is being reviewed.

International students who received a study permit after March 18, 2020 are currently unable to travel to Canada.

If you’re flying, you must comply with all airline rules and pass a health screening before boarding your aircraft. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed to fly into Canada.

They will examine your health before you leave the port of entry when you arrive in Canada. When you arrive in Canada, you must have a 14-day quarantine plan in place. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, you must do this. You should not travel to Canada if you do not have a plan.

Only those who offer critical services, such as truck drivers who cross the border on a regular basis to keep the flow of products moving, are exempt from quarantine rules.

What is a Study Permit in Canada?

Over 130,000 students travel to Canada each year to study. They will need to secure a study permit from the Canadian government in order to do so. This permit, which is a sort of Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), allows students to study in Canada for a limited time and usually includes information on the educational institution and course of study. To be considered, an applicant must meet a set of criteria.

Requirements for Canadian Study Permits and New Rules for International Students

To be eligible for a study permit, you must:

Convince an officer that you will depart Canada once your studies are completed.

Have a letter of acceptance from a college or university.

Demonstrate that you have enough money to cover tuition and living expenses for yourself and any accompanying family members for the duration of your stay in Canada.

Be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal history.

Not pose a threat to Canada’s security

Maintain good health (complete a medical examination, if required)

How long am I allowed to stay in Canada?

1. If you’re enrolled in prerequisite classes

If your school requires you to attend courses before being admitted to the main programme, your study permit will be valid for the duration of those courses plus an additional year. You must apply to extend your stay as a student after being accepted into the main programme.

2. If you intend to complete your studies after your study visa has expired.

If you don’t finish your studies by the time your permission expires, you’ll need to petition to extend your student visa. If you don’t, you’ll have to drop out of school and leave Canada.

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Requirements for Student Visas in Canada in 2021

Those seeking to immigrate to Canada to study must meet a number of standards. In order to obtain a study permit in Canada, you must meet the following requirements:

You must be enrolled in a Designated Learning Institution to participate in this programme (DLI).

You must demonstrate that you have the funds to cover tuition, living expenses, and return transportation.

You must follow the law, be without a criminal record, and obtain a police certificate (if required).

You must be healthy and get a medical examination (if required).

When your study permission expires, you must show an officer that you will depart Canada.

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