Tips for Making Motorcycle Ride Fun and Safe

Ask a rider to describe motorcycle rides, and you will know it is similar to riding on a magical thundercloud. Riding a motorcycle is a combination of pleasure, relaxation, and exhilaration that changes the outlook in life. It brings both physical and emotional pleasure along with adrenaline. To some, it’s the essence of freedom, and to others, it’s fueled with excitement.

Undeniably, motorcycles are fun and cool but also risky. Operating a motorcycle requires different skills and a clear understanding of the law of the road. Whether you have finally felt the itch of learning to ride or preparing for a motorcycle vacation, it is essential to understand some of the basic safety tips to ensure your next ride is a safe one.

Riding a motorcycle is gratifying but when it comes to safety, do you know how to play by the rules? If not, we certainly suggest you take on lessons or take it to a trusted motorcycle repair shop.

Motorcycle Safety Tips You Should Know

Road tripping is no child’s play. If you are looking forward to a cross-country journey, visit some of the famous sites, and have the best native food, you need to ensure your safety first.

  • Know Your Motorcycle Well

Buying the first thing that attracts you the most, only to end up feeling uncomfortable, could cost your life and savings. Keep in mind to swipe your card on a two-wheeler which you can handle easily. Similarly, when preparing for a tour, be familiar with your motorcycles’ capabilities. And if you are thinking of choosing an unfamiliar one, make sure you take it to the motorcycle repair and service shop for a thorough check.

  • Get A Proper Helmet

Studies overwhelmingly prove that helmets can save lives while riding. Research shows that helmet improves chances of survival and decreases the risk of brain injury by two-thirds.

A full-face lid helmet is quite beneficial as it protects your head from damage or injury. A good quality helmet provides you comfort, shields you from wind, dust, cold temperature, and noises. In the long run, it can help you from hearing loss. Helmets help in ensuring our focus is on the road. Before jumping to buy a random helmet, keep in mind its quality, fit, and color.

  • A Quick Examination

Examine your motorcycle thoroughly before hitting the road. Whether you are riding Harley or Metric, visit a motorcycle repair and service center. The experienced mechanics will give your motorcycle a pre-ride safety check and analyze every part minutely to help you have peace of mind.

  • Ride Sober

You are going on a tour to relax and enjoy your time to the fullest, but this does not mean that you will overlook the safety rules. Don’t drink and ride and cause harm to yourself and others around you. Drowsiness can impair your senses, so make sure you are well-rested.

  • The Right Jacket

Protect the top half of your body with a proper motorcycle jacket. Buying a leather jacket and calling it a day can cost your safety. You will need a jacket that can withstand in case of a crash. However, the jacket you wear should be able to help in bending your arms comfortably. Also, consider the color because the brighter colors make you more visible on the road.

  • The Right Pants

Are you thinking about your thick blue jeans? The answer is no! There are leather, kevlar, and synthetic pants designed especially for riders to protect from a road mishap.

  • Boots

As motorcycles are heavy, you need sturdy and high-quality boots. Firstly, good quality boots protect your ankles and feet in case the vehicle falls on you. And secondly, your boots support the extra weight and help in riding smoothly on slippery surfaces.

  • Protect Your Eyes

What if in case the helmet lid doesn’t work? One of the most important things to remember when riding is wearing the correct goggles or glasses to protect your vision. Glasses can help keep away the debris, dirt, and sun rays impeding your vision.

Finally, Preparing To Ride? Here’s Last Minute Quick Check

If you are ready to hit the highway, you need to be in good shape, meaning you are all set for a proper motorcycle tour. To ensure that your two-wheeler is in good condition, check the following:

  • Headlights, taillights
  • Look for gas leaks under the motorcycle
  • Weekly check the level of hydraulic and coolant fluids
  • Thoroughly check the tires and look for signs of cracks or bulges
  • A good quality windshield
  • A smartphone holder to stick to your route
  • Make sure the throttle works smoothly
  • Check, clean, and adjust the mirrors
  • Test the horn
  • Carefully check the front and rear brakes

What do statistics tell you about motorcycle accidents?

A little bit of carelessness in riding a motorcycle could end up in a road accident. Statistics show that more than 4,500 motorcycle riders were killed in 2018 in road accidents. About 45% of crashes result in minor injuries. But the good news is that wearing a proper helmet can lower the risk of head injury by 69%.

There’s no harm in taking your two-wheeler to a motorcycle repair center for a thorough analysis of each part. Riding carefully and by the books means making sure you give yourself plenty of time to react and understand the situation on the road. Stay alert and keep practicing to have the ultimate and memorable motorcycle tour.

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