8 Tips to Cut Your Electricity Bill in Half

Every Pakistani household has an average of around ten electronic devices. Wastage of electricity, over-equipment, lack of maintenance … add to the bill. A few things can make the difference. Continue reading to know about eight effective tips that will help you save on your electricity bill.

1. Replace Halogen Bulbs with LEDs

LED lamps consume little electricity and last a long time (up to 40,000 h), enough to compensate for their purchase price. This is the best home lighting solution, as long as they last over 20,000 hours and are rated A + or A ++ on the energy label.

LED lamps allow you to play on the color of the light to create atmospheres adapted to the different rooms (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.).

Book Mr. Mahir’s professional electrician services today to replace all the halogen bulbs with LEDs for cutting your electricity bill in half.

2. Only Operate Your Washing Machine When It is Full

The half load of the washing machine consumes less water but just as much electricity! Instead, wait until the drum is full to operate your appliance. Another way of saving electricity is that you should keep your washing machine in good condition. If your machine is making strange noises or malfunctioning, book Mr. Mahir’s washing machine repair service to avoid a hefty bill.

3. Do Not Leave Computers Plugged-in

Often left on standby or paused, these devices consume electricity unnecessarily. Better to turn them off completely when they are no longer in use.

4. Choose Light Colors for Your Interior

Light colors reflect light better while dark colors absorb it. If you have a dark shaded interior, book Mr. Mahir’s painter service to get a lighter tone in an aesthetically rich and affordable way.

5. Lower the Cooling in Case of Absence

You can save electricity by turning off the AC or lowering its cooling when you leave your room. In addition to this, make sure you book Mr. Mahir AC service before start using AC this summer. It will make the working of your air conditioner smooth, which will directly reflect in your electricity bill.

6. Fill Your Refrigerator Well & Keep It in Top Condition

A full refrigerator uses less electricity than an empty refrigerator, so keep it full to save electricity. Another way of saving electricity is to vacuum the grid at the back of your refrigerator.The more dust there is on the grid, the more electricity the refrigerator consumes… and the more your bill will increase. So don’t forget the back of your fridge when vacuuming. The same goes for the grills of electric heaters, which are often full of dust.

If you cannot find time or energy for the vacuuming of your refrigerator’s grid, book Mr. Mahir’s affordable refrigerator repair services.

7. Use Small Home Appliances

The malfunctioning home appliances also cause wastage of electricity. If you see such a problem in any of your electrical devices, book Mr. Mahir’s home appliances repair service today. It’s cost-effective and reliable!

8. Unplug “Vampire” Devices that Suck Electricity

Did you know that some devices continue to consume power even when they are turned off? In other words, just turning off the plasma TV is not enough to save money! According to experts, even when turned off, a TV is a vampire that continues to “suck” up to 1,400-kilowatt hours per year.

The solution? All you have to do is to ensure that you turn off Your LED properly from the switchboard.

Mr. Mahir Helping You Save On Your Electricity Bill

Saving on the electricity bill is an easier said than done job, but it is not impossible. You simply follow the above-mentioned tips for preventing wastage of electricity and whenever you need professional help in this, book our services.

With us, you can book the best plumbing services, electrician services, and home appliances repair services to eliminate the factors that contribute to the wastage of electricity. Our services are hassle-free, cost-effective, and reliable.

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