Everything You Need to Know About Reduction Rhinoplasty

Not all people on this planet are unfortunately blessed with an aesthetic nose. Although it is wrong to believe that physical appearance and self-esteem are interconnected, a lot of women admitted feeling underconfident because their nose was abnormally big. Big noses do not draw unnecessary attention and conceals the best features of your face.

If you wish to get rid of your big nose and have something that seems compatible with your overall facial structure, please opt for rhinoplasty. From among all the surgical procedures readily available in the recent times,rhinoplasty acquired the utmost recognition. It has both cosmetic and health benefits after all.

 Define Reduction Rhinoplasty

According to a well-known plastic surgeon in Chevy Chase MD, reduction rhinoplasty, as evident from the name, aims to reduce the size of a nose. It can be performed in two ways –

  1. The surgeon concentrates only on specific areas like the bump on the bridge of the nose.
  2. The surgeon reduces the size of the entire nose.

A Detailed Description of What Reduction Rhinoplasty Entails

Rhinoplasty is a fairly simple procedure and will be done in just 45 minutes. It starts with a small incision using an open or closed approach.

Open rhinoplasty involves a small incision on the softer tissue in between the nostrils. This approach will leave behind scars but the location makes the scars absolutely impossible to detect. Also, the scars will fade over time. It will enable the surgeon to gain access to the tip of the nose, and make it easier to remove or change the bone structure and the cartilage. The open approach is preferred probably because it provides an excellent video of the nasal anatomy, paving the way for precision.

Closed rhinoplasty involves making the incisions within the nostrils, so, there would be no visible bruises or scars. The surgeon wants access to the bone structure and underlying cartilage that allow him/her to resize the nose.

How Long Will It Take to Recover from Reduction Rhinoplasty? Are there any Side-Effect?

The recovery timeframe of reduction rhinoplasty is the same as other forms of rhinoplasty. The amount of time required for full healing though varies from one individual to another.

First Two Weeks

The experts performing rhinoplasty Fairfax VA said you may suffer from moderate pain for a few days. You can combat it with OTC medications. There will be noticeable inflammation and bruising around the nose and the eyes. Manage these reactions by applying cool compresses.

After First Two Weeks

The swelling will subside gradually and the healing continues. You must stay away from strenuous exercises for three weeks at least. Do not play sports or go to the gym. The final shape of the nose will become apparent after six to eight months. However, some people did admit waiting for a year.

If rhinoplasty is only a reduction procedure, it may cost much less than a complete nasal reshaping. The cost of a pure reduction rhinoplasty ranges between $1500 and $3000. You must schedule an appointment with a board-certified practitioner, who assures quality outcomes under all circumstances.

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