Know About the Best Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in 2021

For reducing the overall risk of your investment profile, you need to invest some portion of your savings in the instruments that provide stable returns irrespective of the market conditions. The returns of fixed deposits do not rely on market risks and therefore, prove to be ideal to balance the risks of your investment portfolio. However, the interest rate at which your deposits will grow proves to be crucial while picking one among various fixed deposit plans. 

As bank FD rates are already quite low, you can invest in corporate FDs that provide assured returns and a high-interest rate. Bajaj Finance FD allows you to earn at an FD interest rate of up to 6.75%. This interest rate is high enough to help you earn sufficient returns at maturity. The following features offered by Bajaj Finance FD can help you to earn well through FDs:

Multi-Deposit Facility 

A flexible tenor from 12 to 60 months helps you to pick a tenor at your convenience. Moreover, you have the option of investing in several FDs in which each FD can be locked in for a unique tenor and the amount and FD type can also vary for every deposit. This is possible due to the multi-deposit feature that allows you to invest in multiple FDs with a single cheque. 

By choosing a unique tenor for each deposit, you can ladder your deposits to get better liquidity options and a chance to invest your savings at a higher rate in the future. 

Interest Rates 

As compared to bank FDs that are hardly offering interest rates above 5.5%, Bajaj Finance FD helps you to earn sufficient returns upon the completion of FD tenor. Let’s say that you invest Rs. 10,00,000 in bank FD for 5 years and deposit an equal amount in Bajaj Finance FD for the same tenor. The returns that you can earn from each of these investments are given in the below table:

FD PlanDeposit AmountTenorInterest RateInterest gainsMaturity AmountGrowth in savings
Bank FDRs. 10,00,0005 years 5.5%Rs. 3,14,067Rs. 13,14,06731.40%
Bajaj Finance FDRs. 10,00,0005 years 6.75%Rs. 3,86,243Rs. 13,86,24338.62%

It is quite evident that the returns offered by Bajaj Finance FD are much more than a bank FD. Also, you can check the fixed deposit interest calculator offered on the website of Bajaj Finance for picking a tenor, amount, and FD type that suit your investment needs. 


Investing in Bajaj Finance FD is also a good decision because your deposits will not get wiped away during uncertain economic conditions. This is because it has been recognized as a stable instrument by credit rating organizations like CRISIL and ICRA who have given it high ratings on stability and safety. 

A higher interest rate of 0.10% that you will get on choosing the online process and the 0.25% excess FD rate provided to senior citizens make it one of the most appealing and lucrative fixed deposit plans in 2021.

FDs help you to earn sufficient returns and they also help you to balance the risks associated with your entire investment portfolio. However, the interest rate offered by a fixed deposit plan plays a crucial role in determining your returns. Therefore, instead of investing in bank FDs that are not offering impressive FD rates at present, you can invest in corporate FDs like Bajaj Finance FD which is offering an interest rate of up to 6.75%.

Also, the options of investing in multiple FDs simultaneously and the ease of choosing a flexible tenor allow you to earn well through FDs and that according to your convenience. The FD calculator that helps you to estimate your returns precisely and the higher FD rate offered to senior citizens and online investors make it one of the best investment options in 2021.

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