An In-Depth Take On Toupee For Men

There is a new fashion trend on the rise, and that is toupee for men. With the increase in male pattern baldness and alopecia, there has been a steady increase in the demand for male wigs or toupees, as they usually are called.

This is incredibly fashion-forward as we see more and more men move towards toupees rather than staying self-conscious with their hair. However, to avoid confusion, it’s important to understand that a wig and a toupee are two different types of hair systems.

The toupee only covers a certain amount of your scalp and is meant to be integrated with your hair. In comparison, a wig covers the whole of your head. This is a crucial decision to make going forward.

How Do Men’s Toupees Work?

A question that most first-time buyers ask is how does the toupee stay on? Well, it stays on with one of three ways – metal fasteners, glue, or it is sewed on by a professional.

Let’s now understand how metal fasteners work. The toupee comes attached with metal fasteners. This is then adhered to the person’s head by attaching them to the natural hair. While metal fasteners are preferable to adhesives, constant activity can cause the hairpiece to detach.

The second way is through glue. Some toupees come with double side adhesive, one side fixed onto the toupee and the other fixed onto your head. This method is high-speed but is not recommended for those who sweat a lot. The sweat will make the adhesive lose its potency.

The third way is having a professional sew in the toupee. When you go to a professional to get your toupee sewn in, you can be sure that it will stay on for the desired duration. This method is also called snaps and is by far the most secure way to attach the piece to your scalp, especially for beginners.

How Much Does A Men’s Toupee Cost?

The cost of a toupee for men depends on various factors. What the toupee is made of, how much processing it has gone through, whether you are purchasing it wholesale or retail, how much customization is required, and finally, which store you are buying it from.

Toupees can cost anywhere from $100 to $2,000. Don’t let the money fool you, though. The price doesn’t automatically guarantee quality. More often than not, customers end up grossly overpaying for toupees.

The most critical distinction in quality is not price but whether the wig is made of synthetic or natural hair. Natural hair has superior quality.

Can A Toupee Look Real?

It is a well-known fact that a toupee can look real. In fact, toupees are made to look natural and to integrate with your hair seamlessly. The one characteristic about a great toupee is that it doesn’t look like you are wearing one at all.

Details are important when buying a hairpiece. Buying a toupee that matches your hair colour is instrumental in making it look natural. You also need to decide whether you want your toupee to be made of natural hair or synthetic hair.

Natural hair is obviously better but is more expensive when you don’t buy it in bulk.


When buying your first toupee, it is normal to have questions and doubts. In fact, most people do not find the right toupee for them till their third try. However, with NewTimes Hair’s help, you will be able to find the hairpiece for you.

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