IELTS Test tips – Did you commit some of these mistakes last time?

IELTS Language Test
You probably answered…

Answered yes/no or one word like- Q.: How is communication in your city? Ans.: Worst. But you should have answered like: In our city, communication is a big problem. There are only a handful of buses running. Cabs are only available during the day during office hours, and people rely mainly on auto-rickshaws. The roads are in poor condition and are easily submerged; no vehicles operate during this time IELTS Training Centre in Dubai.

You have rushed your answers to demonstrate your fluency, so the examiner asks you to stop and repeat. You must not do this; instead, you should speak clearly at a moderate pace without showing haste.

You fumbled while speaking? Don’t fumble, but use gap fillers if you get stuck at a point.
Your accent is native-like? You need to be aware of it and make your accent clear and distinct.
You have spoken in a very low voice, making yourself inaudible. You should not do this, as it may irritate the examiner.
You talked too much to explain your points. You should not do that, you should answer briefly and concisely, but not in one word.

IELTS Listening Comprehension Test
You have probably.

You tried to memorize every word the speaker said and got distracted. If you don’t do this, you only remember the keyword-related words.

You didn’t write down the main points of the relevant topics. You need to write down the most important points.
You did not take notes while listening to the audio file. You need to take notes while listening because the audio file is played only once.

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Overheard a word or two and not only wasted time trying to remember it, but also overheard some more important keyword-related words? Focus on listening to the keyword-related conversation to avoid losing notes.
Couldn’t keep up with a speaker’s speed? You need to maintain that. Remember that it takes a lot of practice to keep up with a speaker’s speed.

Haven’t practiced listening to recorded conversations in different dialects of different English-speaking countries? The audios used in the ‘Listening Tests’ are recorded conversations of people from the different countries. In such cases, the accent of the speakers differs from each other to some extent. So, to understand the dialects of the speakers, you need to practice listening to recorded conversations from different English-speaking countries.

Have you not prepared by taking a sufficient number of “exam-like” practice tests? This is an absolute must for every candidate. Your performance in the ‘mock tests’ would not only make you aware of your actual preparation, but also make you a better listener and a more competent candidate.

Have you not made the best use of the time to read the questions and the short breaks between the four audios where candidates can check their answers? You need to learn how to make the best use of the time intervals during the listening comprehension test, as skillful time management has a great impact on the listening comprehension test score.
IELTS Reading Test
You probably have.

Have you not tried to master the skill of “skimming and skimming”? These two skills are very important for the reading test. If you go by the meaning of the words, the word skimming means: quick reading or skimming, and the word scanning means: close reading or examining. To do well on the reading test, you need to learn and master both skills.
It is not important to read a lot of test material available on the Internet and elsewhere. Reading a lot is extremely important for any applicant because the more you read and try to grasp the meaning of the text, the more proficient you are sure to become.

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Don’t worry about increasing your reading speed. A high reading speed and understanding the meaning context at the same time are of great importance in a reading test.
Didn’t look at the questionnaire first to identify the specific key words such as “where,” “when,” “whom,” etc.
Didn’t bother to take many practice tests? Taking as many practice tests as possible would make you more competent.

IELTS Writing Test
You probably have…

Haven’t you tried to become a proficient writer of English with an excellent command of English grammar? Your English language skills and knowledge of English grammar must be extremely good for you to get a high score.
You were not skilled enough to write in a variety of “complex sentences” without the actual meaning of the text being apparent.
Did not or could not attempt to execute a rich and wide range of vocabulary with absolute perfection?
Have you not been serious enough about checking spelling errors? These are the basic errors that candidates tend to make and that ultimately lead to loss of points. If you are retaking the tests to improve your score, you need to be aware of this and follow some steps that you should definitely do.
Review your preparation process and activities from the last exam.
Review your English skills by seeking the help of an experienced English teacher.
Get in touch with a reputed coaching center, if possible.
Familiarize yourself with the scoring system of the IELTS test.
Read “success tips” on the internet from well-known blogs written by renowned bloggers and successful candidates.
Practice as much as you can and try to practice under the guidance of experts if possible.
Read as many good English sources as possible.
Listen to “Your Recorded Voice” and have an expert check whether you need a change or not.

If you do your due diligence in this way, you will surely be able to improve a lot. At the same time, be critical with yourself to identify your weaknesses, and accordingly, work on your success with an undaunted spirit by doing your best.

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