Everything You Need To Know On Mobile Video Game Theater

People always get excited about new concepts that give them an extraordinary experience. We live in a fast-paced life where everyone is busy in their own life and hardly gets time for themselves. However, the Covid-19 pandemic did alter the normal lifestyles of people everywhere.

The Coronavirus did disrupt lives and businesses, but it allowed people to come together and think about other little things. Studies say that getting a break from the mundane routine allowed people to entertain themselves fully. For one, the sales of gaming consoles grew tremendously, and thousands of people also subscribed to video streaming platforms.

Previously, people had gaming consoles in their houses, but they also liked to play in gaming clubs. However, now they have a better alternative in the form of ‘mobile game theater,’ which is a party on wheels in every sense of the word.

A big truck pulling outside your house will surely turn heads and intrigue many people. A gaming truck is a customized truck similar to mobile food shops and even mobile libraries. However, from the inside, a game truck is surely a work of art and awe-inspire anyone.

The moment you open the door, you will be amazed to see big televisions, colorful lighting all around the truck, comfy cushions to sit, and a big surround system. You will get to see all the latest gaming consoles already connected, and all you need to pick the controller and start playing.

Why Book Mobile Game Service

You may be getting bored by the same old ways of organizing a party and look for new ways to make your event more exciting. We are all finding some semblance after a year of lockdown and restrictions and like to make the party less stressful for ourselves. In this current scenario, nothing works better than a mobile video game party that is completely stress-free.

If there are only your friends and family, you can cook the food or order it and forget about the entertainment aspect of the party. A game truck ensures no mess, no stress for you, and an unforgettable experience for you and the guests.

The game truck rental service can be booked for nearly any event, from birthdays, graduation parties, anniversaries, family reunions, social events, or corporate events. The trend of the mobile gaming experience is increasing, and you can easily book the service online.

Your guest will be awe-struck seeing a big truck rolling along the curb and getting a park in your driveway. The guests will be even more baffled by what the truck looks like from the inside. There is limousine-style seating for at least 20 or more people. Apart from playing on the inside, there are also external displays that support a further 8 to 10 people.

The truck is climate controlled to get a cool environment in the summers and a warm atmosphere in the winters.

The Features of the Mobile Game Theater

The reasons that make game trucks such an instant success are the wide range of features and options. A mobile theater is everything that you could have wished for. Modern gaming consoles are quite expensive, and not everyone can buy them. Apart from the gaming consoles, not everyone has big televisions or modern sound systems to enjoy while playing games.

The game truck can easily be booked at an affordable price, and it is considerably less if you include another cost. The features you will find in a game truck are

  • A big and luxurious truck that can accommodate 20 players
  • Two air-conditioners to ensure a particular atmosphere inside the truck as all the electronics can heat the interior space
  • The latest gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch
  • A large collection of all the latest games
  • You can select the games according to the appropriate age of the kids
  • A Game Coach to set up the truck, make player accounts, handle requests, and ensure everything is managed correctly
  • Led, Neon, and laser lighting to give an enchanting and immersive experience
  • Dozens of wireless controllers
  • 8 huge 55-inch high definition flat-screen monitors
  • Headset and gear for virtual reality games
  • Most advanced sound system to provide a full gaming environment
  • A power generator to run the systems onboard and prevent any electrical outage

If some people do not get a chance at the first attempt, then the Game Coach will shuffle the players accordingly.

All You Need to Know about booking a Mobile Game Truck

If you plan to host a party for your kid who recently graduated from college, then you can book the game truck. You need to go online and fill out the form by specifying the details. The information you need to mention your name, contact number, email address, and house address. Also you have to enter the date and time of the event and the total number of guests.

Suppose there is some additional information or request, then also you can mention it in the comment box. The game truck providers usually ask the hosts to call the guest half hour before the event. Guests can talk and make them comfortable and even take a bite of food. While the guest is seated, the big game truck will make an entry.

One concern will be parking the big truck, but there will be no hassle if the driveway is big. The truck needs 55 feet of clear space to park.  If the guests are more than the Game Coach will set up external game stations if there is no rain.

You or the youngsters do not need to bring separate controllers or games. All the controllers and types of games to be played will be managed by the Game Coach. The mobile video game truck is also wheelchair accessible so that everyone gets a chance to play their favorite games.

You need to pay $50 when booking the service and the rest on the day of the event. If you happen to change the date, time, or venue, you have to do it two days before the event. Also, you can book the game truck rental service one or two months prior to the event.


People are starting to party again and finding new ways to entertain themselves. The mobile video game concept is new but very exciting. You can ask for tournament-style or general-style gaming. The game truck will prove to be an unforgettable experience and fun for you and the guests.

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