3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Column Capital

Columns and capitals are popular installations, used in commercial, residential, government, and industrial buildings. They offer stability and add to the overall appearance of the capital as well. There are different kinds of column capital stylesavailable in the market and you can choose something that fits your unique requirements perfectly. Here’s a look at some questions you should ask before choosing a capital:

1. Where will you install it?

The first thing to consider is the location of the installation. Do you want to install the capital outdoors, indoors, in dining rooms, or in a library? Is it meant for a large lobby or to accent a fireplace? It is a good idea to choose the capital style based on the location of the installation. If the location is small and compact, you may need to invest in a similar design. If you want to install columns and capitals in a large, open space, the more intricate Corinthian column capital is a good choice. Make sure the size of the capital doesn’t overwhelm its surroundings.  

2. Do you prefer minimalist or bold designs?

Column capitals are available in a wide range of styles ranging from simple to intricate. You can choose something that suits your particular requirements perfectly. Here’s a brief look at the style options available to you:

  • Tuscan – Simple and minimalist that is ideal for modern homes.
  • Roman Doric – Another simple design that is a perfect fit for modern buildings.
  • Roman Ionic – The design is a little more complex with scroll-like patterns and embellishments.
  • Roman Corinthian – The most intricate design among the three classical orders.
  • Empire – Similar to the Ionic order with a few embellishments. You can also choose the Empire with necking option.
  • Greek Angular Ionic – The angular Ionic design has a concave curve that gives the capital some dimension. You can also choose the Greek Angular Ionic with necking option if you want a more intricate design.
  • Greek Erectheum – The Greek Erectheum design also has scroll-like patterns but these capitals don’t have a concave curve. You can also get capital with the Necking option.
  • Temple of Winds – The temple of winds capital has intricate leaf-like designs and a long shape. It is great for large spaces.
  •  Scamozzi – Scamozzi is an Ionic order-inspired design first introduced in the 16th century. It looks like Roman Ionic with a concave edge.
  • Modern Composite – Modern composite is similar to the Corinthian column capital but it has a more intricate design.

3. What does the surrounding property look like?

The final step is to look at what the surrounding property looks like. Some column capital styles may overwhelm the room if you’re not careful. Look at the installation site’s architecture carefully before picking a design that just fits in with it.  

If you want to learn more about column capital styles, speak with a local retailer. They will provide detailed information about the different orders and help you decide which one is suitable for your property.

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