Seven Wonderful Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversary

Five years of marriage is great attainment and deserving of a significant anniversary gift. Are you looking for ideas? There are so many styles to celebrate the special moment. Some couples admire planning a party with their nearest and dearest. While others favor something a little more special, you can think of a feast at a nice restaurant or a romantic weekend holiday. Regardless of the celebration, purchasing thoughtful anniversary flowers for your spouse or the happy couple is a pleasant gesture that will show them just how much they are essential to you. 

Custom Game

Games for couples to play at the house together are in great demand at present, and while there are lots of fun choices to pick from, this one takes the cake. As a significant token, the wooden four-across game counterparts are customized with their names, wedding dates, and lots of dear hearts.

Heart Pendant

Need to purchase your S.O. a romantic necklace? It is essential to decide what sort of jewelry your partner uses the most often and style decisions. Carved in the form of a heart and crafted from wood, this doubly emblematic pendant is excellent for anyone who enjoys dainty, meaningful accessories. 

Unique Watch

Without holding an Original Grain watch, we could not write a collection of our favorite wood gifts for your fifth anniversary. Made from reclaimed bourbon barrels, it is a beautiful testimonial to your fifth anniversary. Not only that, but a watch forms an exceptional anniversary gift. 

Meaningful Keepsake

When it appears to be fifth-anniversary gifts made out of timber, this may be the most romantic. Lots of couples keep onto their wedding invitations after the big day, but as time moves on, the danger of them getting lost or injured grows. Has their loved stationery been recreated in beautiful maple or walnut for a permanent token they can cherish for a lifetime?

Contemporary Cutting Board

Couples who relish cooking always require new cutting boards, and we bet they do not have one with their names molded into the top. This one also doubles as the best presentation board, ideal for parties. It is a unique fifth wedding anniversary gift they will get tonnes of use out of.

Engraved Cuff Links

Whether you are going out to rejoice or staying home, getting dressed up is an easy way to make the moment feel all the more special. The ideal finishing touch to your spouse’s suit? A pair of beautiful wooden cuff links customized with the year you tied the knot. There are several ways to make a gift customized. One of the most traditional ways of all? Adding a carving.

Sound Wave Art

This Etsy shop lets you record a cute message, a private joke, a line from your other half’s famous song, or I love you and have that different sound wave drawn onto birchwood. All-time, your S.O., sees it. They will be warned of just how much you adore them.


Therefore, these are some of the anniversary gifts that are exclusive and elegant. They make a beautiful gesture and will melt the heart of your spouse. Even more, you can plan out some romantic destinations to relish your moment. At cosmea gardens, you will get the best variety of gifts and hampers. Moreover, you will find some interesting blogs related to birthdays and other occasions on our website. 

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