Instant Guide to Modify Your Custom Pillow Boxes

The pillow boxes are the best choice for anyone who wants to impress their loved ones. The pillow cases comprise an innovative shape that impresses the people in a tremendous way. Whereas the concept of pillow shape came into existence around 5 to 23 million years ago when wooden pillows were used. But in today’s era, the pillow shape packaging is considered the most elegant one.

If you want to have the custom pillow boxes according to your wish list then simply hire a good packaging company.

By hiring a packaging company, you can choose the color and as well as the design scheme according to your product specifications. However, small pillow boxes are best for the wedding events as pillow favor boxes.

The following is the instant guide you can follow to have awesome pillow boxes:

Eco-friendly packaging is a great start

Go for choosing the eco-friendly material for your boxes. The kraft material boxes are the best selection for your gifts. You can encase your products elegantly within this custom pillow box.

The kraft boxes are decomposable. Moreover, the brown color of the kraft packaging looks outstanding on the retail shelves.

Add Enticing Features on the Pillow boxes

Never miss the addition of features on the pillow boxes. Try to discover some new combinations to enhance the beautification of your packaging. For instance, at the upper side of the pillow packaging, you can go for adding the floral imprints with the name of your brand. 

Further, go for implementing an enticing gradient on the large pillow boxes. On the large pillow packaging, you have enough space to implement your chosen artwork. So, which gradients you can select? Go for having a gold and white color thematic gradient if you are going to enclose jewelry within the box. The two-color gradient looks fabulous on the boxes.

 Add the weight of the product

The weight description is really helpful for the customers if they are traveling and want to take the product as well as the box with them. So, go for adding the weight of the product on the pillow box in grams or in ml according to the encased product.

Accessories are Must

The addition of accessories is like the cherry on the cake. Just don’t miss the addition of the accessories on the boxes.  Go for adding the following elements to your pillow boxes:

  • Colorful Ribbons
  • Shiny beads
  • Spot Uv
  • Multicolor Foilings

Further, go for having a pillow box with window feature to display your products in an awesome manner on the retail shelves. According to research, it was concluded that when customers get a clear view of the attractive product enclosed in the box, this instantly stimulates the purchasing attitude of the customers.

In order to have awesome custom pillow boxes wholesale go for hiring a good packaging company. The experts present in good packaging companies are talented enough to provide you with competent boxes that can enhance your sales chart instantly.