It is beneficial for pregnant women to practice these 5 yoga postures before delivery

What are the benefits of prenatal yoga? Doing yoga during the prenatal period is beneficial for pregnant women as it eases the process of delivery. During pregnancy, you have to go through many physical problems, due to which yoga helps you in getting relief. After many studies, doctors believe that yoga is also beneficial in reducing pain during delivery by doing yoga, so you must include nine months of easy yoga in your routine. In this article, we will learn about 5 easy prenatal yoga poses.

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1. Gate Pose or Parighasana

Parighasana is also known as Gate Pose. With the help of this yoga, there will be some space in your abdomen due to the stretching of the muscles, so that you will not feel much weight of the unborn baby. Do not put too much emphasis on the body while doing Parighasana, it can stretch the vein.


  • To do Parighasana, you sit down on the mat by laying it down.
  • Make some distance between both the knees.
  • Spread your right leg so that the soles touch the ground.
  • Place the right hand on the right foot.
  • Exhaling the left hand, move it to the right side.
  • Keep inhaling and exhaling deeply, keeping the body on the right side.
  • After staying in this state for some time, slowly come back to the normal state.
Baddha Konasana

2. Cobbler’s Pose or Baddha Konasana

Many women feel stretched in the muscles due to the increase in the weight of the unborn baby, to overcome this problem, you should do bound yoga. By doing Baddha Konasana, the inner thigh gets stretched. If you have trouble doing this, then you can also put a pillow under the knee.


  • Bend the knees and sit down.
  • Keep both the heels connected just below the stomach.
  • With the help of the thumb and first finger, hold the big toe of the foot.
  • Holding the toes of both the feet, stay in this posture for 2 to 3 minutes, then while inhaling, straighten the legs.

3. Virabhadrasana-2

By doing Virabhadrasana-2, the legs will be strengthened and there will be no feeling of tightness in the muscles of your hips. This yoga is also beneficial for those pregnant women.


  • To do Virabhadrasana-2, sit on the mat or stand straight.
  • Spread both the legs and straighten both hands.
  • You have to rotate the toes of the right foot at an angle of 90 degrees and the toes of the left foot at 45 degrees.
  • Look ahead while keeping your head to the right.
  • Bend the knee of the right leg and make a 90-degree angle.
  • Stay in this position for 30 to 60 seconds and then repeat it with the other leg.

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Marjari Asana

4. Marjari Asana (Cat-Cow Pose)

Doing a cat-cow pose strengthens the spine during pregnancy and gives the fetus the right position during delivery. That is why pregnant women must do this yoga.


  • Come to the ground on your knees and hands.
  • Take the upper part of the waist outwards and turn the head towards the chest.
  • Now change the posture, move the head outwards and the upper part of the waist inwards.
  • Repeat this mudra two to three times.
Viparita Karni Yoga

5. Viparita Karni Yoga

Viparita Karni Yoga is the easiest yoga for pregnant women. By doing this, the problem of swelling in the feet and heels is removed.


  • First of all, lie down on your back by laying a mat on the floor.
  • Putting a pillow under the hips, rest the feet on the ground.
  • Raise both the legs up to a 90-degree angle.
  • Your back and head should be on the floor.
  • Close your eyes and stay in this state for some time, then return to the normal state.

If you have any disease or internal pain during pregnancy, then do this yoga only on the advice of the doctor, apart from this, you should practice yoga in front of someone so that you will be safe.