Mistakes To Avoid Before Finding A Good Repair Service

Samsung repairs can be a delicate process, so here’s a list of mistakes to avoid before you send your phone for repair to a Samsung smartphone repair. 

Not finding the correct T box

Samsung requires a particular-sized box to get your device to its destination safely. If you use any other type of box, then there is a possibility that your phone may break in transit, or worse, you still won’t make it there at all!  

Using tape over the home button on Galaxy S3 models

   When using sticky tape or similar materials to hold down components inside the phone, ensure that it doesn’t cover the home button, which protrudes slightly from underneath the video. If the phone needs to be opened and repaired, then adhesive residue may remain on the button, making it difficult or impossible to use. Choose a good samsung mobile repair centre for best services. 

3. Water damage

If your device has been damaged by water, then there’s a good chance it won’t be covered under warranty. The best way to prevent water damage is to keep your device in a dry place, and if it does get wet, make sure you turn it off and dry it as soon as possible.

Opening the device yourself

Samsung repair technicians have the necessary tools and training to open your device without causing any further damage safely. If you try to do it yourself with household tools, you may damage the device even further.

Not powering off the device before repair

If your device is still switched on when it arrives for repair, there is a good chance that the technician will not be able to repair it as they won’t be able to access certain phone areas. Ensure your device is powered off before sending it in for repair.

Not removing the SD card

If you’re not using your SD card while your phone is being repaired, then it’s best to remove it before sending the device in. If the SD card isn’t removed and the phone is opened, then there’s a good chance that it will be damaged or lost.

Leaving any personal data on the device

It’s always a good idea to back up your data before sending your phone in for repair. When sending it into Samsung, they will do a factory reset on the device so any personal data that’s still saved on there may be lost.

Putting stickers or labels on the outside of the provided box

  Be careful not to put anything but an address label on the outside of a Samsung box as it can sometimes damage the sensitive equipment inside during transit. It’s always best to place packaging material such as bubble wrap etc inside first and then use a plain paper wrapper with just an address label on it.

Using too much adhesive to stick down components

  If you’re trying to stick down any components that have been removed from their original home, use the minimum amount of adhesive required. Excessive adhesive can be difficult to remove and can often cause more damage than good.


These are just a few of the mistakes that you should avoid when sending your device in for repair. If you want to ensure that your device is fixed quickly and properly, then make sure you follow these tips!