Hanuman posture brings strength from waist to feet, know the method and benefits of doing it

With the coronavirus, the world is once again returning to yoga. Despite all the medical science, today the world is once again returning to turmeric, decoction, etc. Today, there is a partial and complete lockdown in many states of India. People are not allowed to step out of the house. In such a situation, people are doing yoga at home to take care of their health. About Hanuman Asana. Hanuman Asana is also known by the names Split Asana, Markatasana, Monkey Pose, etc. Hanuman Asana is a very important posture to keep yourself healthy in this era of Corona. In this asana, we try to open the body like a monkey. Second, Hanuman Ji had jumped from the beach to Sri Lanka, on the same jump this posture is made. Bholi Parihar says that doing this asana is not very easy. It takes some effort to do this.

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Preparation before doing Hanuman Asana:

Yoga expert Bholi Parihar of Innocence Yoga says that warm-up is necessary before doing Hanuman Asana (monkey pose). In this warm-up, you can do Virabhadrasana one and Virabhadrasana two, Ashwasanchalana, Anjane Asana etc. This opens up your hip joints. This asana loosens the muscles. This warm-up has to be done for 15 seconds. After this Hanuman asana has to be done.

Benefits of doing Hanuman Asana:

Hanuman Asana is of advanced level. To do this, the body needs to be flexible. If this is not the case then the body is made flexible. Following are the benefits of doing this asana.

1. Strengthening the buttocks:

Due to work from home people have to work more time. In this way, they sit for a long time. There is a problem of pain in the buttocks due to sitting for a long time. So right there, there is the problem of dead butt syndrome. Sitting for a long time in this problem leads to numbness in the buttocks. The buttocks are strengthened by doing side split asanas. Relieves pain and numbness.

2. Waist Strengthening:

By doing this asana repeatedly, the buttocks not only get strong but the waist also gets stronger. Relieves from the problem of back pain and stiffness. So at the same time, there is also relief in lower back pain. Both the buttocks and the waist are fine by doing this asana.

3. Flexibility in the body:

Yoga makes the body flexible. You can do any work comfortably. Hanuman ji is considered to be the most flexible escape. He was as flexible in nature as he was in the body. His body used to reach anywhere by jumping. This Hanuman posture of his also makes the body flexible. By doing this asana, the muscles of the body are opened. Due to which the body becomes flexible.

4. Leg Strength:

While doing the monkey pose, all the work is done by the feet. If the balance of the feet is established, then it is considered as an asana. By doing Hanuman asana, the feet get strength. They get stronger. By doing this asana, not only the legs but also the hip joint, knees and thighs will get strong. This asana works well on the lower part of the body.

5. Beneficial in latent diseases:

Monkey pose or side split strengthens the lower part of the body. This strengthens the legs, thighs, and knees. Apart from this, this asana is also very beneficial in secret diseases. Many people have problems related to urine. Many people are unable to control urination. In such a situation, they have to go to urinate frequently. By doing this asana, one gets rid of these problems. This asana stretches our muscles. This posture brings back the control that has been removed from our muscles. Because of which you are able to control your urine. So other secret diseases also end there.

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How to do Hanuman Asana:

  • Open both the legs on the mat and make a gap in the feet
  • Now rotate your whole body to the left.
  • Both hands will be beside you.
  • Open both the legs as much as possible, the left foot will go forward on the left side, the right foot will move from back to back, in this condition touch the lower part of both your thighs with the ground.
  • Keep both hands near the chest in Namaskar Mudra.
  • Try to remain in Hanuman’s posture for some time.
  • If you are getting more discomfort, then hold this posture for a few seconds. Then come back.
  • Do this action 10 to 15 times. So that your thighs and hips are opened and you can do this asana.
  • Come back with the support of both hands from side to side.
  • Now try to do Hanuman Asana with the other leg.
  • Hold for some time and come back.
  • Give rest to both feet and rest for some time.


  • Hanuman asana is the advanced pose. Therefore many precautions have to be taken while doing this asana. Keeping these precautions in mind, if you do yoga asanas, then you will be able to avoid the side effects of this asana.
  • People who have knee problems should not do this asana.
  • At the same time, people who have injuries in the hips should also not do this asana.
  • Those who have the problem of sciatica, should not do this asana at all.
  • If your body is not flexible then do this asana under someone’s supervision.

The way Hanuman’s body was flexible and healthy, so is Hanuman’s posture. By doing this asana, the whole body remains healthy. For those who work sitting for a long time, this asana is a panacea. With precautions, you can do this asana at home.